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The Great Celestial Stencil... & Poster...

With Celestial Mechanics' Starry Sky Stencil you can create a stunning night sky over an entire ceiling. It consists of six re-usable card panels, that make up a total area of 2.5 by 3 metres, and features 175 accurately positioned holes, sized to represent variations in brightness.

Pin or tape the panel up on to the ceiling, paint luminous paint through the holes, once dry remove the stencil and carefully fold for future use. Try different coloured glow paints, or maybe metallics on a dark background for a different effect.

The stencil, along with a number of accessory patterns are available either in bulk to retailers or for design licence to manufacturers.
Similarly a glowing poster version, in 6 A0 pieces, is also available in bulk or to licence. This takes advantage of the greater flexibility of printing and is more detailed.
RRP 15.99
For more details contact info@celestialmechanics.co.uk

The Starry Sky Stencil